Your Indoor Vertical Farm

The modern urban garden

4,550 plants. 320 square feet. 30 days. Ready to grow?

TCFM's Vertical Farms Under Pink Grow Lighting

Our aeroponic farms are housed in a recycled shipping containers that we source straight from a supplier here in Summerville, South Carolina. Each farm is designed to your specifications and delivered so that you can get growing, selling and feeding with your first harvest. Whether located by a school, a restaurant, a food supplier, an office, or wherever your heart desires, you can drop in a container and start growing to sell right away.

Grow Anywhere in Any Weather with Our Indoor Farms

Leafy Green Goodness for All

Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil. Aeroponic container crops can be grown anywhere, in any climate, using 90% to 95% less water than traditional farming. Using state-of-the-art technology and artificial lighting in a completely enclosed, 100% controlled environment, produce is fresh for harvest and sale year round.

We’re often asked: Why aeroponics over hydroponics? Compared to hydroponics, aeroponics offers more control over the root system, provides maximum root aeration and reduces the risk for soil borne diseases. Because the roots are exposed to more oxygen, the plants grow faster. Aeroponics is safer, more efficient, and uses even less water than hydroponics—a selling point for us and you.

The Sustainability of Aeroponic Growing

Worry Free

No seasonal, climatic, or regional restrictions — produce is fresh year-round. Grow without sun or soil, combating deforestation and soil depletion.

Food Safety

Grow without the use of hazardous chemicals, pesticides, or herbicide that can contaminate soil, water, and other vegetation. Every crop is eco-friendly, organic-compatible, and GMO-free.

Fresh for All

Container farming brings crops to consumers who many not have access to healthy produce.

Fewer Emissions

Our farms can be placed at or near the point of sale, reducing carbon footprints and harmful transportation emissions by 98% on average.


Any variety of leafy greens and herbs. Our containers are designed to grow these best.
There are so many variables to ROI. Contact us and we’ll estimate based on your specifics.
It depends on the variety of what you’re growing. Lettuce, for example, takes approximately 30 days from seed to harvest, while basil takes 25 days.
It operates at approximately 50 amps.
Send us an email or give us call at 843.253.4780.

Take a Tour of TCFM's Shipping Container Farms

Come to Summerville, South Carolina and learn more about aeroponic farming

We always welcome visitors to our facilities just outside of Charleston, SC. Whether you’re interested in farming your own container or lead a curious group of students of any ages, we’d love to have you.