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We build easy-to-use, vertical indoor aeroponic farms for people like you.

Want to learn more about the sustainable organic farming business and the incredible environmental advantages of our recycled container farm systems? Contact Tiger Corner Farms Manufacturing today!

Why use our indoor vertical farms?

Container farming is fresher, healthier and better for the environment.

Our vertical aeroponic farms create the perfect growing environment and gives you complete control of your crop from seed to sale.

Growing is easy. With our technology, crops can be grown anywhere, in any climate, using 98% less water than traditional farming. Our farm containers produce 75% more crops in less space, faster, and with less crop loss. A 320 square-foot farm can yield the equivalent of four acres of crops.

Indoor Vertical Container Farms

Look Inside Our Recycled Shipping Containers

We build our organic farming containers to be easy-to-use, sustainable, and safe for the environment.

Indoor Vertical Container Farms

Each TCFM container farm is custom built for your specific needs so you can get growing upon delivery.

Data-Driven Precision Farming

Our technology fully automates all your farming operations.

Monitor and control climate conditions inside your container farm at all times with real-time data from our in-farm sensors and cameras. Climate controls automatically respond to sensors, which adjust to maintain optimal growing conditions. Cloud storage of all historical data includes growth, climate and alarm history. Integrate your inventory management, purchase and sales orders with e-commerce and accounting software through a single sign on.

Indoor Vertical Container Farms

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Charleston City Paper features TCFM

Charleston City Paper features TCFM

"They don't sound like farmers. With a team comprised of a former high school Latin teacher, a systems engineer, a mechanical engineer, and two technicians, they sound more like characters on the Big Bang Theory than a group of land-tillers."

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"Sustainable farming blossoms in the Lowcountry" - ABC News 4

The sun is rising on a new form of farming in the Lowcountry. In the heart of Summerville, there's an up and coming farm that sits in a residential neighborhood. Stefanie Swackhamer and her team at Tiger Corner Farms says their whole operation is one big science experiment.

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