Control your farm from anywhere

Precision agriculture has never been easier with TCFM's farm controlling app on computer, phone, or tablet.

We like to describe ourselves as “farmer geeks.” Because we’re passionate about the success of what our containers grow, we thrill in finding ways that flip our switches (in more ways than with LED container lights) by digging in further with technology to automate, analyze, and apply what we learn for your continued growth. TCFM's precision farming puts you in complete control of your farm through our custom app that allows you to monitor all settings from your computer, phone, or tablet.

Precision Farming Puts You in Control


Each farm is custom built for your needs. Our standard container includes:

40’ insulated shipping container with diamond plate aluminum flooring

14 Vertical aeroponic panels and support structures

Plant capacity: 4,550 (two rows)

105 gallons irrigation tank with recirculating nutrient delivery system

Installed backups for critical systems

3T commercial HVAC system with automated fresh air exchange

Commercial grade water chiller and purifier

140 High efficiency, broad spectrum LED grow lights

CO2 generator, gauge, and controls

Desktop workstation with monitor, keyboard, and mouse

Stainless steel seeding tray table and germination rack (automated watering)

Wireless monitoring (HD) & control system for climate, water, & lighting

Your Custom Container Farm Control App

Our aeroponic container farms are customized with an innovative cloud-based control system that allows growers 24-hour, 365-day monitoring of each plant from seed to sale—and the ability to adjust any farm system setting from any computer, tablet or mobile device.